Lady Ami'Lya
NoImageAvailable Resides Verulean Highlands
Vital Status Unknown


Witch Gender Female
Located in a remote part of the Verulean Highlands, there lies a body of water which the wizards say should attract water dragons, and yet the creatures seem to avoid it. Tradition holds that they are leaving it vacant for the lady Ami'Lya who will appear at this pond and call forth a great leader in time of need, though no one is sure who.

Pages that mention Lady Ami'Lya


  • Ami'Lya Pond


  • Lady Ami'Lya was introduced to the game on September 30, 2011.

Possible References

  • Lady Ami'Lya is likely a reference to Amelia Pond, a character in the fifth, sixth and seventh series of the Doctor Who television show.
    • Lady Ami'Lya could also be a reference to the Lady of the Lake of Arthurian legends.
  • The unknown man whom she is to call upon is likely a reference to The Doctor.

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