Welcome DragonValers,

Today I am here to introduce The Great Nogard, a bot for Discord. The Great Nogard knows all things about DragonVale and is eager to help aid in your DragonVale experience! Essentially, he is a Discord interface to my Sandbox and Ultimate Wiki Editor, along with plenty of his own tricks.

First things First

What is Discord?

Discord is a multi-platform text and voice chat program geared specifically towards gaming. Using Discord, you can hang out and talk to a bunch of other DragonVale users by joining the DragonVale Lore Wiki server. Discord works as a program you can download and run on your computer, as well as inside the browser itself or as a mobile app.

If you don't know how to use Discord yet, read information on how to set it up before reading on.

How to set-up Discord

To get started using Discord, head on over to the Discord website at to register an account by either downloading the app or opening Discord directly in the browser:


In addition to Windows, Discord is also available to download on Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The additional downloads can be found on the downloads page.

Once you have reached the Discord log-in menu either in your browser or in the downloaded app, click on the little Register link below the big Login button to create an account:


Fill out the information they ask for, then wait for them to send you a verification e-mail, click the link inside and voilà, you are now ready to jump into the DragonVale Lore Wiki Discord Server!

Getting Started

Once you have Discord set-up, you can find the DragonVale Lore Wiki Discord Server under this link:

The DragonVale Lore Wiki Discord Server

The DragonVale Lore Wiki Discord Server consists of a sizable list of channels for different topics of discussion. Protip: If you aren't interested in certain topics, you can right-click the channel in your Discord client and hit "Mute #channel-name". Once you've muted 4 or more channels, an option to hide them completely becomes available, helping you avoid a cluttered up channel list!

Here's a list of all the channels and their functions:

DragonVale Lore Wiki Discord Channels
#chatpolicies This channel contains a copy of the server rules.
#main The main channel where most of the discussions about various topics happen!
#help Your go-to channel for all things DragonVale help.
#sandbox Use this channel as a sandbox to see the results of breeding two dragons.
#friendrequests Looking for friends for gem trading and dragon breeding? This is the place to ask!
#showoff Have you done something particularly awesome with your park? We'd love to see it!

Enough of the boring stuff!

Okay okay! Let's talk about The Great Nogard bot! The Great Nogard hooks directly into DragonVale to always give you the most up-to-date information about dragons. You can ask him questions just like you would another user and he will respond with the answer. This sounds pretty awesome... so, how do I use it?

Using The Great Nogard

The Great Nogard has numerous commands all for the purpose of answering all your DragonVale questions. A list of commands can be viewed below:

Dragon Commands
breed <dragon> and <dragon> Breeds the two dragons together and displays the results. You can turn on flags by saying things like, show times, show upgraded times, enable BEB, and/or enable Gemstone breeding.
breed random Breeds two random dragons together.
how much is <dragon> Displays the buying price of the dragon.
what's the selling price of <dragon> Displays how much the dragon sells for.
what's the experience for <dragon> Displays how much experience is rewarded upon hatching.
what elements are in <dragon> Displays the elements contributed by this dragon when breeding.
what are the rates for <dragon> Displays the earning rates.
what's the availability for <dragon> Displays whether this dragon can currently be bred.
what are the elements for <dragon> Displays the elements.
what's the combination for <dragon> Displays the breeding combination.
what are all the dragons with a primary element of <element> Displays a list of dragons who have the primary element of the one specified.
which dragons have a breeding time of <time> Displays a list of dragons matching the specified breeding time.
what's the breeding time for <dragon> Displays the breeding time.
tell me about <dragon> Displays relevant info and the baby dragon button image.
show me <dragon> Displays the baby dragon button.
how many dragons are there Displays the total dragon count.
generate colors for <dragon> Generates code to use in the Dragonboxheader
generate colors for <image url> Sometimes dragon images aren't uploaded yet. You can specify a custom url (pointing to an image) to generate the Dragonboxheader colors for instead.
which dragons have 3 or more elements Displays a list of triple and quadruple element dragons.
Quest Commands
what's the perfect dragon for <quest> Displays the perfect dragon.
what's the quest for <dragon> Displays the quest.
which quests have the elements of <elements> Displays a list of quests containing the specified elements.
which quests have a time of <time> Displays a list of quests which match the specified time.
what quests have <time> <elements> Searches quests and returns quests matching the specified time and elements.
give suggestions for <quest> If you don't have the perfect dragon, you can use this to get some possible alternatives.
what's the element for <quest> Displays the element for the quest.
what's the time for <quest> Displays the time for the quest.
which dragons don't have a quest Displays dragons who do not have quests.
which dragons have an unknown quest Displays dragons that we have not found quests for yet.
how many quests are there Displays the total number of quests.
Misc. Commands
link <dragon> Displays a link to the dragon's Wiki page.
supporters Displays all the generous users who help keep Nogard alive!

Commands have many variations making it easy to use everyday language instead of trying to memorize commands. The above commands are just an example of a single use. If you are trying to use a command with text you feel should trigger the command but doesn't, send me a message and I will add in that variation.

If you have a command you would like to see created, message me and I will see what I can do. Most commands will be easy enough to implement so don't worry about it sounding too complex!

Abuse Filter

The Great Nogard comes with an abuse filter meant to moderate the chat when no moderator is present. If you follow the rules, everything should be fine. However, Nogard is still a bot and false positives are positive. If this happens, try rewording your message. Nogard will send you a private message logging the occurrence. Feel free to pass that on to me so I can fine tune the filter.

Most flags aren't serious violations, however, if Nogard detects you have have triggered more than three (3) serious violations, he will issue a kick or a ban if necessary. This should be pretty hard to do unless you are purposefully trying to break the rules.

Reporting Bugs/Errors

If you notice any bugs or errors, please send me a message containing what happened and what you expected to happen. This can help improve Nogard.


Feel free to send me suggestions (be it commands or other features). When I have time, I will implement them!


Just like most things, Nogard costs me about $15 a month to keep constantly running. Nogard will always remain a free service, however, if you enjoy Nogard, a small donation is greatly appreciated. Consider making a donation at 100% of all donations will go towards up-keeping and maintenance costs. In addition, your name will appear under the "supporters" command (if wanted).


Thanks for taking the time to read about The Great Nogard Discord bot!

Introductory remarks modified from SMWC.

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